Frequently asked questions

I am a fine artist. I’m not interested in digital art or SciFi, is this conference for me?

We provide a chance for you to learn from the top creative minds, and discover new ideas and methods. Our exhibiting artists work in many different medias, genres and with different cultures from your own. For example, we will show you how to use digital tools to develop ideas and improve your compositions. We will place top gallery owners and art business leaders at your fingertips so that you can learn how to cultivate collectors as well as create new markets. As a fine artist you will have an opportunity to make meaningful connections as well as network with top artists from around the world.

I work in the industry as a digital artist, I don’t see many fellow artists presenting at the conference, what’s the value for me?

Let us help you to break free from imposter syndrome, and harness traditional techniques to greatly improve the creation of your digital art. For example, learn to add poetry to your work through lost and found edges and build powerful images with values and shapes. Our master artists will show you how you can develop your own brand, and define your own voice, so that you can stand out from your peers and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

I’m still in school but I want to get a kick-start in my art career. This conference seems too advanced for me, should I attend?

All our professional artists have been in your shoes before and understand what you are going through now as a student. We are here to deliver advanced techniques from the world’s top artists, broadening your exposure to the global art market. You will have the chance to learn the best ways and practices to run a successful art studio, and network with like-minded artists, so that you can learn and grow as an artist.

I’m already in galleries for years as a professional artist, what else is there for me to attend this conference?

There is no such thing as too many friends in the art world as a professional artist. Stay relevant by tapping into new ideas, and cross-pollinate with other top artists and industry leaders. We assembled this all-star lineup to help you become more creative, and dynamic, by exposing yourself to a broader range of styles, ideas, and genres. Take advantage of live interactions and get your questions answered so that you can propel your career forward with confidence.

What if I can’t make it to all of the live events? I don’t want to miss anything!

With VIP pass you will have the ability to replay VIP events for one year after the conference. All events marked with an asterisk* on the Live Events page are mangaged by the conference team and will be recorded.

However, we also encourage exhibiting artists to offer recordings for attendees to revisit the events in case they miss them.

Due to the high volume of events, it will take our team a few days after the conference to clean up the footage and upload them. To replay events, you will log in with your account after the conference and view the recordings.

What do I get with my VIP Pass?

The best Vision X conference experience! You will get:

  1. Full access to attend all 100+ live events

  2. One year unlimited replay access to event recordings

  3. Exclusive VIP savings from our sponsors

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Will this be an annual conference?

Yes, this is the first of many annual conferences to come. Your support and ticket proceeds will go towards the next Vision X Live in 2022!

How do I easily invite others to attend?

You can share news of the conference by clicking on the twitter or Facebook icons below and following the prompts.

What do I get with my Replay Pass?

The next best Vision X conference experience! You get to enjoy your summer and replay the conference recording after it's over. You will get

  1. Access to conference recordings on August 1st, 2021

  2. One year unlimited replay access

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I will be out of town during the conference. Is there a way to watch it afterwards?

You will need the Replay Pass to watch the conference recordings. It gives you six months replay access beginning August 1, 2021.

We will close all pass sales soon after the conference so get your Replay Pass now to make sure you get access.

What do I get with my Pro Pass

You will get:

  1. General admission access to attend 50+ live keynote events

  2. No replay access

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